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Physical Education with EBacc

Physical Education With EBacc

The PE with EBacc programme is an exciting route into teaching PE whilst also giving you the skills and experience to teach an additional EBacc subject; Science, Maths, English, History, MFL or Geography. 

You will join two of our subject hubs; PE and your chosen subject from the suite of EBacc subjects. The training will fully equip you for the demands of teaching both subjects including the development of the required subject knowledge and understanding of pedagogical approaches unique to both subjects. Whilst on professional practice you will predominantly teach PE and will only be assessed against the Teachers' Standards in your PE lessons, however you will also teach your second subject.

Perhaps most exciting about this route into teaching is the flexibility it gives you in the employment market as you can offer schools more than just the ability to teach PE.

Any applicants to the PE with EBacc route must have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade C or better at A level in the relevant EBacc subject.