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"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithms; it is about understanding". - William Paul Thurston

In Maths subject studies, your eyes will be opened to the fascinating, varied, complex, exciting, and incredibly important subject that is Mathematics and you will be guided to do the same for your students.  You will discover the different ways in which children learn Maths and how to deal with the common mistakes and misconceptions that arise, while making this an enjoyable and relevant experience for your students. 

You will be supported in developing your subject knowledge and use of technology both in and out of the classroom.  You will be encouraged to take risks, share ideas, and reflect upon your readings and practice, while working as part of a close-knit mathematics group. 

You will be introduced to mathematical ideas and theories and guided to critically evaluate them and make links between theory, research, and practice.  You will have the opportunity to observe a wide variety of teachers and teaching styles and will have access to our extensive library of resources. 

You will receive personalised support during your two contrasting school placements, where you will have the opportunity to put your learnings into practice, observe experienced teachers and receive regular feedback and guidance from a dedicated mentor.