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Fees and Fundings

Finance & Bursaries


Substantial tax-free bursaries of up to £27,000 are available for people training in shortage subjects. The amount of bursary you will be eligible for depends on the subject you want to teach and your degree classification. Below are the bursaries for trainees commencing training in September 2023:

Our fees for all of our core SCITT training programmes are £9,250. All trainees on this route are eligible for a student loan to pay the cost of the course fees. If you prefer, you are able to pay for the cost of the course privately via two equal payments of £3000 and one final payment of £3,250 during the course of the year.

  Eligibility 2023/2024 
Scholarships  Bursaries
Trainee with 1st, 2:1, 2:2, PhD or Master's
Art & Design   £10,000
Biology   £25,000
Chemistry  £30,000 £28,000
Computing £30,000 £28,000
DT   £25,000
English   £10,000
Geography   £25,000
Maths £30,000 £28,000
MFL (French, German and Spanish only) £27,000 £25,000
Music   £10,000
Physics £30,000 £28,000


All salaried trainees will be paid a salary of at least point 1 on the unqualified teacher pay scale. Salaried trainees do not have to pay for their training costs as these will be paid by the employing school. If a salaried trainee would like to complete the PGCE in addition to QTS this will have to be paid privately and costs £2500.