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Recent Graduates

Recent graduate – English Teacher

I first thought about teaching English in my third year of university. Everyone was deciding where they wanted to go, most getting interviews lined up for 9-5 office jobs; the idea of this left me apprehensive to start my career journey. I had heard some alumni talk about going into teaching, which was something I always thought about as an ideal prospect, but never thought I would pursue. It became more apparent that teaching was an actual possibility for me; the classroom atmosphere, supportive colleagues and creativity swaying my choice. After further research, I had come across the SCITT programme and knew it would be an ideal choice for me, as I wanted a school-centred experience. I decided to go ahead and pursue a career in teaching, because not only was it an incredibly secure job that I could progress through, but it was something that I felt would be deeply rewarding. The SCITT was exactly as they outlined it would be. It was rigorous hard work, but with the additional sense of community and support. It was extremely exhausting, but also incredibly enriching. It was terrifying going into my first classroom and required a lot of perseverance, but it was the best choice for me! Through the SCITT, I was able to develop and transform into a confident and reflective teacher, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision that I made.