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"Trying to find the perfect route into the teaching profession can often lead to more questions than answers. However, as soon as I met the team at Sutton SCITT my decision was immediately made. I was impressed with the honesty and professionalism that everyone at Sutton SCITT exhibited and was delighted to accept an offer to join the Sutton SCITT family.

I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of training I received throughout my time with the Sutton SCITT. The training sessions are well planned and ordered in a way that guides you through the different phases of training. The subject specific training provided me an opportunity to learn from experienced science teachers about the pedagogy of teaching science.

Becoming a teacher is a roller-coaster of emotions. The team at Sutton SCITT could not have done more to support, encourage and drive me forward to become the best teacher I could be. I do not for one second regret joining the Sutton SCITT family and would recommend this to any budding teacher."

Science trainee   

"To paraphrase my colleague, this will be one of the best, toughest years of your life!"

There will be many highs. The job itself is very rewarding, much (if not all) of the time. You will make great friends as you skip, cry, laugh and trudge along the road to qualification. You will gain the satisfaction of completing a demanding programme and learning some brilliant new skills. You will also see some great teaching and are likely to be impressed by the generosity, resources and nuggets of pedagogical wisdom from other teachers. Finally, you will become a great teacher as a result of this training.

There are some things you can’t sugar coat. You will be wading through paper for most of the year and will be under what feels like almost constant scrutiny. Your social life will likely be curtailed. And at some point you may feel as if it is all too much. At this point (preferably before this point) may need to draw on your peers but also your PCMs and mentors for help. Many of us have been given excellent practical as well as (non-judgemental) emotional support. You will also have to complete a lot of surveys…

Top tips:

  • Find someone who loves organising and filing to help you with your folder.
  • Be aware that it’s a rollercoaster year of intense highs and lows.
  • Aim to keep your sense of humour and if you lose it, borrow someone else’s.

English trainee 

'I look very fondly upon my teacher training year and made friends for life'

'Sutton SCITT gave me the unique opportunity to work in outstanding local schools from the very beginning of my training whilst still giving me the chance to study academically through the PGCE element of the course'

'The Sutton SCITT allowed me to train locally, giving me high quality instruction and tailored support.'

'I found that the training was comprehensive, the organisation was excellent, and the team were incredibly supportive; it was a difficult but extremely fulfilling experience.'

'A real strength of this route into teaching is the time you spend at schools and connections you make in those schools in the local area, seeing a full school year through really prepares you for teaching versus other routes into teaching.'

'The CPD sessions were of excellent use, it was fantastic learning from the experiences of teachers who still actively taught in the classroom'

'It helped me to build an amazing support network of teachers and friends, and most importantly gave me the tools to develop my own teaching style which I have continued to build on throughout my career'